Off The Grid Feature – Reflection

We actually had quite a significant amount of difficulty finishing this project. We thought it wouldn’t be too hard once we had settled on an idea and tactics to achieve our desired outcome, but unfortunately, our biggest trouble was finding people that were available for interview times. We were under the pump as many people had already started or halfway through their project as we were still doing our RWAV show.

I even completed an interview the day of submission just for some extra content for us to fill out. I’m really happy and proud of what our group managed to piece together by the end and extra credit to Jack as well who stuck behind a little longer to finish it all off. I am happy with the final outcome and really enjoyed our topic but many of the problems really came down to availability since many of us work during the day or at nights it would be hard for one or more of us be available at such short notice. Nonetheless I am happy with the final outcome and will be seeking to submit the feature for our next RWAV show.

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