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As people around the world are faced with the daily challenges that climate change presents, more and more people are deciding to go ‘Off The Grid’. Trying to minimise or achieve a zero carbon footprint can be extremely difficult so finding out how it can be done may be vital in ensuring our planet’s future.

We spoke to three people passionate about the topic of going ‘Off The Grid’ and what we can all do in changing the minds and decisions to ensure a clean energy future.

Some people that are making a difference are people like Nick who runs the Eco House at Ceres which is located along the Merri Creek in East Brunswick. The Eco House is a showcase for low energy housing principles and has always been intended to be a living, functioning design that demonstrates what people can do in their own homes to live more sustainably. Nick explains to us that what Ceres is trying to achieve and what we can all do to make a difference. Here’s Nick to explain more.

Ross Harding is from Finding Infinity who also plays a large role in the annual “Off The Grid” music festival. Pulled from their website Finding Infinity is “An organisation dedicated to speeding up the world’s transition to renewables through creativity and consulting.” Ross and Finding Infinity are showing us new and inventive ways that we can reduce our carbon emissions beyond the home.

Jeff has some 20 years experience in the electrical and telecommunications industries primarily in the commercial and government sectors. Jeff helps us run through the gritty details on the changes that are made to each home in going ‘Off The Grid’

Nick, Ross, and Jeff are just a few of the individuals that are trying to make a difference in ensuring our planet’s future. The one thing that is clear throughout that if we want to make the biggest difference possible, then it needs to be a community effort. Every person can do their part on reducing Australia’s carbon emissions, and to find out more about how you can reduce your footprint on the planet you can find Nick and the Eco House at, Ross and Finding Infinity at and Jeff who is the general manager of Eco Electric located out of Brisbane.

Individuals and business’ that choose to go off the grid should not be shunned as tree-hugging radicals but rather regarded as individuals at the forefront in ensuring Australia is constantly moving towards a clean and sustainable energy future, ensuring our planet’s survival.
If you would like to find out more about living off the grid you can find out more at

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