Unsymposium 0.3

In this week’s unlecture, the symposium style really hit its stride as engaging conversation was rife, including discussion on integrating hypertext into other media forms and the lifespan of hard copy books.

The topic that I found myself invested in above all, was the dialogue in response to the question ‘is the work we publish online only validated once it is viewed/consumed by others?’

I mostly agree with Jasmine’s point, in that she likened blogging to personal Journal writing. This style of writing is incredibly beneficial in the way you evaluate your work, and begin the process of expressing and developing your thoughts in order to obtain a richer discussion and therefore knowledge of what it is you are creating. I’m actually quite thankful that this subject has made this act of blogging part of our assessed work as it motivates me to keep up with the practice of self reflection, because I truly do see the beneficial effects that derive from this activity, however I am usually overcome by lethargy to maintain it unless I am being marked (I’m hoping that I will no longer be saying this by the end of this subject). Steering back to the original question, this response that publishing online is validated in the well-being it does to us, got me thinking that if its purpose is for such intrapersonal outcomes, what is the point of posting it online?

I touched upon this in one of my previous posts, but how much of a factor do the desire to be noticed and shared amongst the internet come into play when blogging? I can proudly say that I’m surely coming around to the culture of blogging as each week passes. Whilst I’ve been an avid follower of blogs for years now, I’ve been quite cynical and unsure about actually entering the blogosphere as a writer of one as I haven’t seen in value in the thoughts I’ve had to share and I’m constantly striving to find that one unique thought or outlook in which I would be eager to share. But I’m slowly losing this mentality as I have noticed a definite progression in they way I develop my discussions from posts merely two weeks ago and that’s a definite pro to blogging.

While I still wait on bated breath for someone to find my post so engaging that they feel the need to respond and initiate a conversation, until then I will still continue to avidly blog for the sole purpose to enhance my reputation as a media professional which will serve as enough validation to keep me going, and hey isn’t that the whole crux of this subject?

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