Media 6: Week 8 Reflection

This week was quite the ordeal in preparing for our seminar, as most of Marta and I’s work needed to happen this week.


The day before the seminar I was held up in the kitchen all day baking 60 raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes. I was also kept busy running down to the shops to buy some cheese, olives, crackers and cabana to accompany my Dad’s salami. I was also in charge of buying all our plates, serviettes and cups

Interview Prep:

I also spent some time giving Gabi a helping hand in formulating questions as well as organising the order in which she was going to ask questions and figuring out ways to reshape questions, as well as helping her rehearse.


We finally sourced our chairs from a room we saw in RMIT which Tom pursued. Lastly I ventured to Savers to source all our Hawaiian shirts.

Day of:

On the day I was the team member to show up to the seminar room 2 hours early in the chance of the lecture before being cancelled. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, so I did quite a bit of waiting.

I was in charge of setting up the food table which looked amazing, the whole scenario felt like it was straight out of My Kitchen Rules as I was frantically slicing Salami and preparing the antipasto platter before the guests walked. I was also required to make a last minute dash to the shops to get some toothpicks for said platter.

Once this was organised I gave Tom a helping hand in transporting the chairs from Building 8 all the way over to our seminar room which was quite the ordeal as well.

Once our event began Marta and I greeted guests as they arrived handing out our ‘sherbet’ which elicited such a great response. During the break I also looked over the food while people helped themselves.

During the actual seminar I was there to communicate with our host Gabi to inform her of when she needed to rap up as well as trying to plant questions in the audience in order to redirect the questions.

Once our event was over then of course there was the long and arduous task of cleaning up and packing everything up. Overall I was exceptionally happy with how the event especially seeing as though Marta and I’s area of the setup and food was so well received.

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