Analysis reflection 5 q2

i feel as though I achieved what it was I was hoping to get out of this semester. My primary goals were to get better acquainted with the equipment, including the camera and audio mixer, and to get a better understanding of how to use premiere pro. I definitely achieved this, having used the camera regularly, as well as spending a significant amount if time in the editing suits.

The most interesting thing I got out of the semester, however, was just how hard it is to find willing interview subjects, and working around them so as not to be a burden, given that the subjects get very little in exchange for their time.

More than anything though, I feel I learned from my mistakes this semester. The audio in both of my interviews are damaged, and despite this being a great setback, I have become more conscious and careful about the production process.

im proud of the work I did this semester and look forward to paying the knowledge and experience from this semester to my projects next year.