Seminar series blog post #1

The other week we divided up the tasks we thought we needed to complete prior to the seminar in week 9. I opted to join the group developing the video trailer for the event, as the whole reason I chose to be a part of this film seminar is I am more interested in making video content than anything else. After brainstorming a few idea, Dominic put forward a rough outline for a trailer, which was basically exactly what i’d had in mind. The idea was to make a satire of the standard kind of epic trailer which is all to common these days, complete with suspense, explosions, and a deep voice over. I contributed a few extra ideas I’d had which I wanted to see be in the trailer.

While most of the trailer is going to consist of found footage, we agreed that we should film some parts ourselves. For one, we thought it would be too easy and not much effort to rely entirely on found footage, and two, there was one shot that I thought we had to have; that is, Jim (our house) turning around, shrouded in darkness, wearing a hood, saying something corny. We rented some gear and hijacked an empty classroom. The shoot went very smoothly. In the end we had about 4 shots we were confident that we could use.

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