Seminar series blog post #2

It was a while before we began editing the trailer. In the meantime we had gathered ideas and footage from films we thought we would like to use in the trailer. These films included the rover, mad max, walkabout and a few others. Given that our seminar wasn’t until week 9, we were under no pressure to get the trailer done in a rush.

In the meantime, I attended meetings with the rest of the group. Putting forward ideas and helping troubleshoot any issues that were popping up. One thing which I feel i had a decent input in was in regard to the staging of the event. I insisted that we needed a lamp, as the group was quite reluctant to have any stage lights as other groups had done. Otherwise, I felt my role was to confirm and reassure others on there ideas and work, making suggestions on things such as the poster design and the guests were inviting.

Editing the video went very smoothly. While Dominic did the majority of the technical work, I assumed the role of the director, making decisions on the arrangement, what we should and should not include, and advising on where to make fine cuts. I also did the voice over which I was quite proud of. The end result was awesome, far better than any group before us (if I don’t mind saying so myself).

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