Abstract exercise

Most of my recordings are irrelevant to each other in terms of content, however the styles are quite similar so it’s not too hard to use them to make a video. The quality of the recordings is great, in high definition, which make it’s very easy to work with.

I don’t have audio recordings so I just used others’ recordings. They are quite similar with background noises, people talking and walking sounds. They are easy to use, however it’s quite boring with the common sounds for this abstract exercise.

After working with the recordings, I’ve learnt that it’s necessary to be linked in order to combine them together. It’s quite interesting to pick out some of the recordings and edit them together. It doesn’t make any sense but I think it’s visually enjoyable to watch. During the editing process, I have to think a lot about which ones to use, how to put them together, which audio goes with which video.

Abstract exercise

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