kids swearing

While waiting for the bus, I saw a little cute girl playing around with her brother. The kid just looked so cute until she opened her mouth.

” Don’t fucking do that! “, she yelled at her brother, probable not much older than her, in front of her mum. Surprisingly, her mum didn’t say anything about it.

I was shocked. She was wearing primary school uniform and she swore. My God! What has happened to this generation? What have we done to them? Isn’t she supported to be angelic and innocent? Isn’t she supported to say something cuter and nicer than the word “fucking”? Well, I guest she properly doesn’t know the meaning of “fucking”; but still it’s so inappropriate for such a young kid to say something like this. This happened in front of her mum, and who knows later, what could she say to her teacher?

I know, swearing now is not a really big deal. People swear every minute, every day; but for kids to swear as a “habit” from copying adults is just so wrong.

We have to look at ourselves again and find out what we have done so such thing happened.  Bad words appear everywhere, on TV, on the internet,books, magazines, comics… influential famous figures swear, parents swear, siblings swear, strangers swear… the kids will eventually pick up these words and think of them as cool word, something popular that everyone say. That’s how everything starts I suppose? But for this to become a “habit” is another story. Bad parenting is the first thing to blame. The kids would not continuing using the words if their parents explain and stop them from using the words in such way. – here is a helpful link for this problem.


Now, I wonder; is the little kid I saw today a “design fiction” of her parents? Back then, did them create a fictional design of a kid that could swear? If they did, they’re very successful at designing their own fiction.

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