Analysis 4


In this clip from Forbidden Lies, Anna Broinowski’s 2007 film: describe in detail all of the audio, how it may have been recorded/sourced and how you think it has been edited / layered in post. (You do not need to describe how the music was recorded)


In the clips, most of the sound was recorded separately with the visual and then edited together. Many times, the audio is layered with two different voices, however they ended differently, suggesting one is lie, one is truth. Also in the first part, audio effects were added to make more fantasy and dream-like. Sound effects were added very often when a statement was made in clip, it makes the audience questions what is said, if it’s trustable.




Most applications reserve keyboard shortcuts for the functions that you use most often. It is really good to learn all of these as it will speed up your editing and additionally alert you to functions that the software developers and other users find important. (You can learn much about the software by looking at keyboard shortcuts).

Find the keyboard shortcuts for Premiere (hint, film-tv blog) and note four or more functions that you’ve never used before and why they may be invaluable to your editing. (Different functions to what you wrote last semester)


Duplicate: Shift+Cmd+/, it’s will very quick and easy to use if I want to repeat a certain part in my editing


Add Edit to All Tracks: Shift+Cmd+K, a quick way to edit all the tracks at one time if I need them to have similar effects/qualities


Bin: Cmd+/, the best way to organize things when editing


Speed/Duration: Cmd+R, I’m really into slow/fast motion effects so it’s be handy to use the shortcut







From a distant gaze …” (1964) directed by Jean Ravel, picture Pierre Lhomme & Chris Marker, words by Louis Aragon, narrated by Jean Negroni, music by Michel Legrand.

Describe a few things that intrigue you – it might be shot construction, camera work, editing, overall structure, thematic concerns etc. Describe the camera work and why you think it has been shot that way.

A few things that intrigue me are the shot construction, the music and narration, as well as the overall structure. At the start, people was shot in a very strange way that they are in the background and constantly being covered by the traffic, as if the camera was following and stalking them from a distance. And then it moved to close up, with all the details of the people and what they were doing. It makes the audience feel curious about the people on screen, question about the story behind every faces they see.