Design Fiction

So now I know what to call those “so-modern-technologies” in sci-fi movies: design fiction. Iron man’s lab is one of those, right?

Something people actually design from the prototype and then add some more of their imagination to it make it becomes so fictional but still, possible to happen in the future; this will then appear in the fiction. Storytelling is the most important part that makes the design seem so real and convince the audience that it does exist outside the story. I do believe that many design fictions have become fictional no more, they are real as we develop and invent more and more new technologies to make the impossible of years ago to the possible nowadays. These design fictions perhaps are the inspiration for scientists to start new projects and study how to make them in real life.

Here is an example of design fiction video that Bruce Sterling mentioned in his interview about the concept of design fiction on Slate:


Maybe, maybe the media network we have today was a design fiction years ago. This modern up-to-date technologically university was too a design fiction back then? Who could think of sitting at home and watch the lecture streaming online on a computer with ADSL internet network in 1980?

I had a look for design fiction on the internet and came across this interesting article about it  (I’m sorry but I have trouble with adding link to my post at the moment)

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