Written by Robin Plunkett. 

Edited by Alannah Harry. 

Directed by Alannah Harry, Alice Shellie, Josh De Sa and Wendy Zhang.

Music from YouTube Audio Library: ‘Surrender’ by Dan Lebowitz.  

Irma & Steve is a scene from a set of exercises produced in the Designing Drama Studio. Steve and Irma have been intimate partners over the duration of the lockdown and now contemplate the questionable decisions that left them feeling unsettled. 

My group’s analysis and interpretation of the script has provided me with the opportunity to explore creative choices which I believe demonstrates a range of concepts discussed in this class. This collaborative process has encouraged me to explore sound, colour, lighting, framing and screen performance. It has been rewarding to experiment with scripts each week as my passion for film and its craft has grown immensely. 

A big thank you to Robin, my production group and the rest of the class for making this semester positive and memorable despite the unfortunate circumstances of lockdown. 


– Alannah

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