It’s About Eduardo.



It’s About Eduardo follows Esme as she recounts her bizarre encounter with ‘The Woman’ in a dream, where she was warned about Eduardo’s new found lockdown hobby. After discussing this with Eduardo over Zoom, the internet cuts out, and Esme spirals into lockdown-induced frustration.

This semester, I worked in collaboration with Elii, Ahrin and Maya. We adapted this short film from Robin’s script: Esme and The Woman, and it was the first exercise we created that incorporated all four of our group members on screen. I am proud of how this exercise turned out, and I think that our group’s cooperation really translated onto the screen. We each created our own shot list before explaining our individual vision of the scene, meaning we were able to draw from each other’s ideas and discuss what would be the best approach. The sequence and character dynamics flow naturally together despite working from various locations, and we combined many of the components of filmmaking that we had learnt about in class so far.

Thank you to Robin, my production group, and my Designing Drama classmates for making this studio so enjoyable.

– Izzy Savenake (>‿◠)✌






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