What is a Foley Artist

Made by Yining Tao (Jessica) and Ziyu Xue (Wanda)

Foley often appears in films, TV and radio, having an irreplaceable role. However, very few people know neither ‘What is Foley?’ nor ‘What do a Foley Artist do?’. In this case, the main purpose of the video ‘What is a Foley Artist’ is enhancing the public understanding of ‘Foley’. Yining Tao (Jessica) and Ziyu Xue (Wanda) will unpack the invisible foley world to the audience through specific examples.
Apart from popularizing knowledge, Jessica and Wanda also set up a simple studio at home experience the work of Foley artists. On the one hand, offering a certain degree of entertaining, on the other hand, they intend to attract the audience’s attention and interest in Foley design in this way. Last but not the least, what Jessica and Wanda aim to convey is that Foley art is very important, but it is not out of reach. As long as you are creative and have the courage to try, everyone can be a Foley Artist.




Wizards at the Circus – Mac Taboel [Copyright-safe Music]

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