‘Sniffer Dog’ App Prototype


‘Sniffer Dog’

A prototype application designed by Tomas Barnes, Derek Xu and Marla Kalaw for Alternative Mobile Media.

‘Sniffer Dog’ is a tool that collates the user’s public digital footprint associated with their specific input email. It is unable to modify gathered user data in any way, instead it acts as a gallery for users to view their history of public online activity that is attached to their input email, with an underlying aim to promote online decision awareness.

This application prototype was inspired by the current nature of society’s relationship with social media. Social media has become so interwoven into the norms of our society that people have become arguably too comfortable about decisions made online. It’s easy to blame concerns of privacy on the powers that control these major platforms, but an argument can also be made that part of the problem is our own selves becoming too lax and comfortable in our own ignorance and the convenience that these platforms provide.

‘Sniffer Dog’ aims to address and find a balance between the growing privacy concerns and the desire for convenience by offering simplicity and ease, all the while attempting to be a place that promotes and allows users to be more aware of their decisions made online and how platforms use those decisions to perceive and construct our identity to market.

Attached is a mock-up video teaser for ‘Sniffer Dog’.

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