FREE YOUR HANDS (Digital wallet)



FREE YOUR HANDS is a multi-functional digital wallet mobile application features e-payment, game currency top-up and multi-currency exchange with the real-time exchange rate. Brand-new concept of a wallet, just like our slogan “Let your phone be your wallet”.

As the rapid growth of the technological society nowadays, everyone pursues fast and convenient transaction methods. So, we as the developer team is engaged to implement their desires with a fresh concept of a digital wallet application, which can release the pressure of our hands. In this one-minute teaser, we were trying to promote our mobile application within the financial domains. Our potential users of this mobile application are not limited by the consumption levels. Everyone can be our loyal users, and enjoy our sincere services.

With this mobile application, every single payment can be done easily by Internet remittances, QR code scans, tap and pay. Convenient payment methods simplify the usual tedious money-out actions and save your precious time while paying. In the meantime, this mobile application greatly decreases the risk of loss or theft of users’ money and wallets. Providing total safety and 100% protection of all the users’ privacy is always our missions to defend.






COPYRIGHT © 2020 Credit to RMIT 2020 media students:
Jinfeng Pan / Jiaqi Liang / Jiaxin He

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