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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we should be appreciative for our health and the safety of our communities. It has also given us the opportunity to reflect on our values and futures within Australia. With lockdowns across the country, some more extreme than others but nonetheless, all have significantly impacted small businesses and our local economy. Locque has been designed to put small businesses first and our vision is to promote keeping money circulating within our own borders.


It is a shopping app that provides users with the ability to find all businesses within a five kilometre radius from their chosen postcode. These businesses range from fashion, homewares, produce, technology, health and beauty and sports and fitness. It is aimed at all citizens of Australia that prefer to shop online for convenience but would prefer to support their neighbours rather than large corporations and also want to feel as though their data is protected. Our promise to users is that we will never track or sell personal data to external advertisers or third parties for us to profit from.

What makes us different from our competitors is that we have developed user profiles as well as business profiles in which customers can review products and connect with each other. We believe this will boost businesses engagement by incorporating influencer marketing which is the most important new approach to marketing because it allows brands to locate and advertise directly to their target audience.

As there is so much uncertainty in the world in this new COVID-Normal environment, our opportunity lies in the fact that there is currently no localised shopping app on the market that provides data safety or influencer marketing. It is heavily reported that our local economy is currently suffering and people are leaning more towards Australia made and owned products. Our vision for Locque is ethical and would be beneficial if it were to ever be launched.

Developed on Adobe XD by Lydia Cartledge and Audrey Tedjasaputra

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