Descriptive or Argumentative Blogging?

This reading is about argument blogging, it is the process of harvesting textual resources from the web and structuring them into distributed argumentative dialogues. Every users obviously love to express their opinions using web-based interaction, they want a way to structure their interactions and responses so that they can explore the arguments of others whilst making their own arguments explicit in relation. By using the world wide web (WWW), users can post insightful comments, overlays a dialogue game and make explicit the argumentative relationships between posts, comments, web sites and other online textual data. By revealing the underlying technologies such as Argument Interchange Format (AIF) and AIF Database (AIFDB), it produces a system that supports the harvesting of existing text posted on web and restructures the texts into argumentative dialogue as well. Under the argument blogging system architecture, the interface become simple and straightforward, dialogues can be reused in different contexts by referring each unique transcript page link. The argument blogging system that harvesting of existing argumentative resources form the web and their import, its becomes the first step on the path of a web argument which enhance for further research and web functionality, at the mean time, it provided a valuable resource to argumentation researchers as well.

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