21st century momentum

Regarding on the Nelson’s reading, he clarified that hypertext able to simple our computer and working lives as its bring literature, science, art and civilization to new heights of understanding. Moreover, storing of text and other computer data, which can be shared and simultaneously organized in many different ways. For instance, blogs can store the expression of the writer, and comments can store among readers’ feelings as well, this cycle of action created the relationship of connection. The reading demonstrated on the structure of hypertext as well, and shows how its work though. As working on users’ consoles, and sending the signal towards document servers, and to the network. The media network is unlimited in size, leads to unifying tissue of storage ever expanding, including from private documents to public links, and also from public documents to private links, vice versa. Nowadays, “word processing” and “teleconferencing” are regarding on the “networks”, they are all showing pop-up notes, notifications or even electronic mails, which referring to the transformation of messages to a “real” text, that’s how the hypertext works. And the reading discuss about how people think about “technologies” and general hypermedia. There are enormous market among the hypertext system, such as CD-ROM and movies; as it become a basic necessity in today’s society.

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