Hypostatization of hypertext – discursive prose?

Regarding to the Landow hypertext, its mainly focus on the subscription tools of blogging and the structure of hypertext. It take a form of an online journal or diary, and let the reader to put events in context and get the whole story without the diarist have to explain again, and also permit readers to comment on entries, allow me to post link back to the site of anyone who commented on them. Blogging is a personal diary and academic or professional interest expression. Paul D. Kahn’s pioneering chinese literature intermedia web (ranging from the chines text to pin-yin transcriptions and the asserted of different version of TuFu which invite similar conversion to hypertext). Hypertext contains image of video, most contain a personal statement or description of the site. The following three levels can define different kinds of subscription tools. Firstly, at the simplest level, they place a text without links into an HTML template that includes navigation links, which is the most easiest and simplest way to reflect how the hypertext works. For the second level, while the HTML can create a document with links to documents on the same as well as other websites. Which means writing the presence hence to support of contradict the argument and serve as valuable annotations as well. According to the reading, the author speculated the limitations on the hypertext in media network culture, pointed out it may mislead or limited the expression due to the different way of text structures.

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