Creative Essay: Part 1

Finally, networked literacies are marked by your participation as a peer in these flows and networks — you contribute to them and in turn can share what others provide.


 As a young adult undertaking study in the field of media in 2014, the future seems somewhat optimistically vague. The Internet has completely thrown the industry into a state of flux unlike we’ve seen before, meaning that the paths one must pursue in order to land themselves a career in the industry have become more opaque, as it is impossible to tell what the required skills for many career paths will involve even five years from now.  Whilst that may sound like a horribly confronting knowledge to possess whilst undertaking this journey, it is also extremely exciting. The Internet has seemingly broken down the geographical barriers that once rendered many isolated, and culturally unaware, and formed a global community, in which one could realistically work for a company in San Francisco, and never actually leave their home in Melbourne. The Internet’s ease of accessibility has globalized the stream of influence people in all fields all around the world look to when creating and sharing content, and in turn created forms of expression that are no longer regionalized, but are formed through the unification of particular cultures on the net.

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