beer selfies

In this day and age it seems like everyday I’m hearing about another chump who’s making big money on some sort of Internet fad, and every time I’m left wondering, why didn’t I think of that? Well, today may be my day. My friend (pictured below) recently started a secret Facebook group between his friends called; Beer Selfies, which he simply described as “selfies w/ beer”. This group started off as him and a few friends, and within days, more and more people were requesting to be added to the group, and the influx of photo’s greatly increased.
This interest caught my attention, and last weekend over a nice, cold beer, I voiced an idea to my friend Joel that may make us the next online fad, at least for a couple of weeks. This idea involved moving beer selfies from a secret group enjoyed amongst friends, to a global application that allowed all people (with an iphone) the power to post their own beer selfies to the rest of the world. Of course their may be people who may not want to showcase their drinking habits to the whole world, however the app will take that into account, and give people the power to form their own groups within the app. We’re also considering two versions of the app, one ‘lite’ version that contains the fundamentals of ‘beer selfies’, such as the ability to post and receive a beer selfie amongst friends, and a ‘full’ version, that would see the user granted many additional privileges, such as filters and stamps for their beer selfies, to be added in post-production, as well as access to exclusive feeds.

Joel Green - Beer Selfies Inc.
Of course we are going to need to think through the legality issues, and how to minimize the risk of being accused of encouraging alcohol abuse, but hey, I’m sure that won’t be too hard.

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