Power laws – the correlation between two quantities, whereas one thing functions in accordance to the power of another. The opening anecdote about the man who couldn’t afford to eat reminded me of Lentils, which seems to be a real life example of the 80/20 rule. People may choose to eat there and donate (80), allowing the less fortunate to go in and get a meal without the need to pay.

technological determinism is far too determined

This week’s reading discusses the integration between technology and culture, and that ever-persistent buzz phrase of first year communications; technological determinism. Don’t get me wrong, I support the theory that technology is an agent of social change as much as the next man, but after months of hearing the phrase used time and time again in lectures, tutes, presentations, general lunchtime discussion, I’m afraid I’m tired of it.

peer review #2

Wellity, wellity, wellity, now that the break has come and gone and we’re back at it, it’s time for another peer review!

Thanks to the broken down hierarchy of the Networked Media course, I feel as though my peers extend far beyond just my fellow students, but include my teachers and lecturers too. In light of this, Adrian’s little mistake with the readings for this week mean that it’s harder than ever to conduct a peer review, seeing as nobody seems to have completed the reading yet. Whilst Apple’s name was enough to draw me to his page from the blog roll, only to find out he had his wisdom teeth taken out during the break, ouch man, hope you’re feeling fine now. And finally Avril shares her thoughts on GEN Y’s inability to ask a good question, and blames “old man Google” for this. Great stuff Avril, what more can I say.

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