One thing really struck me in todays symposium, Adrian asked “have we forgotten how to ask a good question?”

Sadly I believe we have, and I’m going to have to blame the old wise man Google in which I personally use way to much. The phrase “just google it” has become way to common and rather scary. By typing into the search engine any topic you want a bank of millions of ideas are at your hands, and why is it that we always click on the first link? do we know for a fact that its the most reliable source? or have we taken into consideration that because someone is really good at coding HTML is the reason why that link is at the top of the page. Its scary to think that our process in how we gather our information is totally relying on someone else’s ability to code, its not like being able to walk into a library and actually find a book that relates to your topic. I think I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here, my point that I’m trying to make is that when we type into google search engine, we limit our words so that a broader variety of answers are available to us, which can be a good thing but instead of asking a specific question with detail we won’t be able to find the answer we are truly looking for. This stops us from being able to ask a good question. I know this is a stupid example but at work I constantly find myself in this situation:

me: “hey how are you going?”
customer: “yeah good thanks, and how are you?”
me: “yeah good thanks, and how are you?”

I don’t know whether thats just habit of asking the same question so many times or have I literally got nothing else to ask them?


i just don’t knooooow ??????????????

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