Video 2: Choc Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding

This video put emphasis on zoom in and zoom out as a form of transformation. I used this tool to transfer the ingredients from their packaging to raw from and then from raw form to incorporating it into the dish. I began by placing the product close to the lens then moving it directly away and then back again. When the screen was dark and blurred and the frame was taken up by the product, then I cut to the next shot and repeated this process. I considered using a fade or cross dissolve to assist in blending the shots. This did make the transformation more smooth and seamless but it meant that there was a prolonged period of blackness, which interrupted the video too much. This zoom in and out tool provides a point of interest for the audience and gives the video a new dimension. Although it provides visual aid it could have been more efficiently used in this video. I wanted it to be the overarching thing that ties this video together but it was over used and became dizzying to the audience. It also muddled up the exposure as the camera was set to auto. The shot was correctly exposed but as I moved the item away from the camera the shot over compensated for the influx of light and became over exposed an blown out before it corrected itself. It was difficult to communicate simultaneous action occurring in this video. An example of this is when the hot cross buns were baking in the oven whilst I combined the other ingredients. When the hot cross buns returned to shot I question whether the audience know where they have come from or if they get confused. I also wondered whether I should have adjusted focus in addition to exposure. This would mean the ingredients were in focus the whole time. I decided not to do this as I felt the blur of the item as it came close to the camera would assist in blending between shots.

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