Video 6: Mushroom Strudel

I wanted this video to be a musical experimentation. My usual working process it to start with music and build the work. I generally cut on the beats because I find it makes the transitions between shots less jarring as the audience are distracted by the sound. They have more to concentrate on and therefore the audio is diverting their attention from the sudden change of image. I enjoy experimenting with rhythm and melody. I do not have the technical skills of a music composer which meant that when making this video I had to source already pre produced music. I found a piece that had a consistent and strong beat although I would have liked for it to have a bit more diversity because it became repetitive after a while. I tried to experiment with repetition of shots, fast forward, rewind and image rotation using the sound as key motivators for the change in image. By having the audio as the driving factor in the different cuts and edits this film became a music video of sorts. I question whether this was too heavily edited though and became a cheap and cheesy experimentation with editing techniques.

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