Collaboration is a vital part of tackling any large scale products. It is a process that involves a number of people coming together and uniting their work to achieve one final product. There are advantages and disadvantages to the collaborative process. Some people work well in groups, they feed off the pressure to achieve results and meet the same standards as everyone else. They don’t want to let anyone else down and enjoy assisting others. These people also enhance their skills with the encouragement and enthusiasm of the other team members spurring them on. Some people find this intimidating which can hinder their productiveness. Some people have strong views and opinions and prefer to work alone. These people often have a very clear cut idea of what they want the final product to look like and dont want external influences coming in and altering this. If someone has a particularly unique and distinctive style it ca be difficult for them to work in conjunction with others and maintain a cohesive product that is not jarring.Communication can also be another issue, if people aren’t clear about their ideas, roles and responsibilities then teams may be working to achieve different outcomes. Work can sometimes be doubled up on whilst other tasks are overlooked without proper planning and organisation. Delegation of tasks is really important. This allows everyone to work intensively on their own specific areas of interest and utilize their already existing skills. This works well when everyone has different interests but can be an issue when multiple people have similar skills whilst other areas become neglected. Power balance can be a problem in team work. Sometimes certain members dominate, they become controlling and feel the need to micromanage everyone else which is an inefficient use of time. A good team member is the balance between someone who can take direction and advice but someone who can also show initiative and contribute to the project in their own way. If your team has a compatible dynamic and can cooperate it means that everyone will be able to work efficiently within their own specialties, using their unique skills. Each aspect of the project will be completed by someone whose talents lend to that area. It means that each individual gets to work on what interests them, without getting overwhelmed by the scale of the project as a whole. Finally it will result in a more professional piece with people working to their strengths and uniting to achieve a common goal.

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