‘We Are Legion’

Here are my thoughts while watching this documentary:

This documentary kind of broadened my knowledge on all things to do with hacking on the internet. I’d heard of the group ‘Anonymous’ before, but many of the other sites and groups were unfamiliar to me. This just proves how huge the space of the internet is and how many of these kind of ‘hacktivist’ groups can actually exist. If I’m being completely honest, the whole ‘Anonymous’ hacking group does frighten me a little. It is a little scary seeing what they can do, and the extent to which they can take their hacking abilities. I really don’t particularly think it’s very cool to hack into someone else’s online profiles and alter them for a joke. It just makes the internet out to be a place that is definitely not safe and user friendly.

Social Media plays a huge role in creating a community of people who share similar interests and views. It provides people with a platform with which they can express their interests and opinions, where like minded people can find each other (through usernames, hashtags, mutual friends etc), and connect on a virtual basis. People feel like they are part of a community and fell as though they can express themselves and be who they are, or want to be.

“You meet your own people finally.”


Analysis & Reflection #2

Question 1 –

From reading the treatement to ‘End Of The Line,’ to then watching it in the lecture, it is clear to me that with this kind of documentary making, the story the creator is attempting to tell can take on a life of itself and evolve into new territoy of the story. This treatment explains a documentary focusing on a family and their life in Broken Hill, and how their life of isolation is strange to some, but they love it. From what I can remember of the actual documentary that was produced, it had quite a depressing vibe to it, and focused on different people who reside in the town of Boken Hill. I can’t remember exactly who those residence were, however, some of them spoke of how they liked iving there, or had moved there to live out the rest of their life. From treatment to final product there has been an evolvement, where the story has slightly become something else. So, the group who crated ‘End of The Line’ definitely told a interesting story with their short film, however it does seem that the final product was not neccessarily exactly what they had originally set out to achieve.

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Analysis & Reflection #1 Q5

My favourite sound that we recorded was definietly the nature sounds – the birds chirping while the little waterfall flowed down. The sounds evoke serenity and peacefulness when I lsten back to them, they are quite calming. The birds chirping definitely suggest images in my mind of small birds, maybe Sparrows, fluttering around on a tree and having conversations through the wind. The water also evokes the imagery of watter running quite fast, possibly a waterfall, or somehwta even a tank or toilet ….. possibly. I guess this recording can suggest the possibility of other recordings, such as wind blowing, trees rustling, more animal sounds, or even possibly footsteps of a person/s walking through the area.

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Analysis & Reflection #1 – Q4

First impressions whilst listening to the first 10 minutes of Glenn Gould’s radio documentary, “The Idea of North.”

.This radio documentary confused me a little at the beginning. – The cluttered talking

. Soundscape is cool and useful when the men talk and explain their trip up North


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4 Corners documentary ‘Generation Like’ on ABC iview.

How does this documentary alter your understanding of the way you use social media?

Honestly, it doesn’t really alter my understanding. Just because I am an avid user of social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and I use my accounts to support and promote the things I love. And I don’t really mind that companies can make money from me liking their posts, or using their apps/websites. I have fun on my social media accounts and don’t really see a problem with this stuff.

What connections can you make with the role of a Social Media Producer?


What ideas does this documentary raise in regards to the event your group is planning and the task of achieving participatory engagement?

Sharing our event and making people discuss and find interest in it will be hugely important online…..

Fina Analysis & Reflection – Q2

I found this course to be really fun, engaging, and helpful in building my web of knowledge in the feild of Film. This is the industry I would really love to work in, and I’m really happy that this course gave me the opportunity to work in a film crew and experience the environment and atmosphere of this type of work. The whoe idea of creating a short film from scratch was the most exciting part for me! I was slightly dissapoitned in the begining that we couldn’t chose our own crew to work with, however looking back now, I’m really glad we were put into groups. I got to work with a bunch of people who I had never worked with before, they were all really great and we worked super well as a team. To answer what I would have done better, I’d probably have to say that I should have placed a bit more focus on my role as Camera Operator, by studying a little harder when it came to knowing how to use the camera properly. I would have benifited from this a lot more, however, I feel as though this course was my favourite of the entire semester, and I did learn a lot!

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Final Analysis and Reflection – Q1

I could not attend the screening of student films this semseter as I was interstate at the time, however I can say that the rough copy of ‘Granny Theft Auto’ had me laughing when I viewed it. The film had really great actors, which was definitely necessary to pull off the humour and tell the story in the way that the filmmakers wanted. The rough cut still had a lot to fix and work on, as there was no sound or colour grading, it was just basically the film put in order. In saying this however, the rough cut looked really promising and I’m sure the final version when screened would have looks and sounded really good.

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Analysis & Reflection #6 – Q8

When editing in Adobe Premiere there is seriosuly an incredible amount of keyboard shortcuts that can be useful and help save time. One keyboard shortcut that I have never used before, and just found out about is Cmd+G, which is a shortcut for grouping. Grouping shots and audio together in a timeline is something done a lot in the editing process when moving sections of a film, especially when said section is already edited in the way that you want. This shortcut would be really useful in saving time and just in the general editing process. Another shortcut that I had no idea about is the one that enables you to import into the project file – Cmd+I. I’m truthfully not hugely skilled when it comes to using adobe premiere, and this shortcut is probably known by most people, however it is new to me and I think it would help the nest time I need to import files to work on.

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Analysis & Reflection #6 – Q7

The clip, ‘Blood Simple,’ by the Coen Brothers makes use of audio visual editing really well. The background atmos sounds of crickets in the night, contrast and work well with the inside scene. It helps explain that the action is taking place at night time, and that the characters seem to be alone and isolated. This is especially evident after one character is shot by the other, where the frame changes to a long/wide shot of the two characters sitting at the table, with the atmos sounds of the night the only thing we as an audience can hear. This makes the scene quite suspensful and eery.

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Participation. Week 12.

What did you do well?

 . Completed my weekly checklist to an appropriate standard – All weeks bar one I have completed the readings and written up a blog post in conjunction with that – my posts consisted of things I found interesting, or things that I didn’t quite understand from the readings

. I Worked well collaboratively – when it came to group project I put in a lot of thought and effort, and feel as though my input along with the other two members helped build up a strong idea and final Korsakow film.

. Kept up with the weekly readings and wrote a bog post a each week on the things I found interesting or confusing – wrote down notes and quotes that I could go back to and refer to later on.

. I Attended every tutorial I could, bar 2 as I was away in Sydney – But I made sure to keep up to date and inform my tutor of my absence.

. Completed all the sketch tasks at the beginning of the semester.

 What have you learnt to do better?

 . Approaching online software – online tutorials – made sure I kept up to date with the online blog and kept referring to Seth’s website with links to Korsakow information. I have definitely learnt how to use Korsakow (technical skills) – at the beginning it frightened and confused me a little. But after weeks of reading about it, hearing about it, and actually using it, I feel as though I now know a lot more about how it works.

. My networking skills I feel have improved over the course of this semester – as this is something I wrote in my participation contract that I wanted to accomplish. Especially when it came to the Korsakow work, I found that I was reaching out to my peers and friends outside of this class on many occasions to help my understanding and further my learning. The group project also helped enable me to improve my networking skills as I worked in a group with people I had never worked with or spoken to before.

. To be more open to new ideas and new software – with all the readings and korsakow work.

 What could you have learnt to do better?

 . I could definitely have learnt to work with Korsakow at a little more of an advanced level. I said in my contract that I would spend about 2 hours per week researching and working on my technical skills, at the beginning I did do this, researching as much as I could as the thought of Korsakov kind of intimidated me. However, as the weeks went by, this time allocated to working on my technical skills disintegrated. So I could have done more work outside of class time.

. I could also have put in more of an effort with attending lectures!

. Also more effort when it comes to writing my blog posts. My blog posting has been consistent, however I Could definitely have put in more effort with my posts. – Longer, more comprehensive – more ideas could have been thought about and discussed.