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Fina Analysis & Reflection – Q2

I found this course to be really fun, engaging, and helpful in building my web of knowledge in the feild of Film. This is the industry I would really love to work in, and I’m really happy that this course gave me the opportunity to work in a film crew and experience the environment and atmosphere of this type of work. The whoe idea of creating a short film from scratch was the most exciting part for me! I was slightly dissapoitned in the begining that we couldn’t chose our own crew to work with, however looking back now, I’m really glad we were put into groups. I got to work with a bunch of people who I had never worked with before, they were all really great and we worked super well as a team. To answer what I would have done better, I’d probably have to say that I should have placed a bit more focus on my role as Camera Operator, by studying a little harder when it came to knowing how to use the camera properly. I would have benifited from this a lot more, however, I feel as though this course was my favourite of the entire semester, and I did learn a lot!

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Final Analysis and Reflection – Q1

I could not attend the screening of student films this semseter as I was interstate at the time, however I can say that the rough copy of ‘Granny Theft Auto’ had me laughing when I viewed it. The film had really great actors, which was definitely necessary to pull off the humour and tell the story in the way that the filmmakers wanted. The rough cut still had a lot to fix and work on, as there was no sound or colour grading, it was just basically the film put in order. In saying this however, the rough cut looked really promising and I’m sure the final version when screened would have looks and sounded really good.

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