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Analysis & Reflection #1 Q5

My favourite sound that we recorded was definietly the nature sounds – the birds chirping while the little waterfall flowed down. The sounds evoke serenity and peacefulness when I lsten back to them, they are quite calming. The birds chirping definitely suggest images in my mind of small birds, maybe Sparrows, fluttering around on a tree and having conversations through the wind. The water also evokes the imagery of watter running quite fast, possibly a waterfall, or somehwta even a tank or toilet ….. possibly. I guess this recording can suggest the possibility of other recordings, such as wind blowing, trees rustling, more animal sounds, or even possibly footsteps of a person/s walking through the area.

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Analysis & Reflection #1 – Q4

First impressions whilst listening to the first 10 minutes of Glenn Gould’s radio documentary, “The Idea of North.”

.This radio documentary confused me a little at the beginning. – The cluttered talking

. Soundscape is cool and useful when the men talk and explain their trip up North


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4 Corners documentary ‘Generation Like’ on ABC iview.

How does this documentary alter your understanding of the way you use social media?

Honestly, it doesn’t really alter my understanding. Just because I am an avid user of social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and I use my accounts to support and promote the things I love. And I don’t really mind that companies can make money from me liking their posts, or using their apps/websites. I have fun on my social media accounts and don’t really see a problem with this stuff.

What connections can you make with the role of a Social Media Producer?


What ideas does this documentary raise in regards to the event your group is planning and the task of achieving participatory engagement?

Sharing our event and making people discuss and find interest in it will be hugely important online…..