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The Remote Journey is over, or has it just begun?

I just need to start off by saying I’m really really proud of the way we pulled off our seminar!! It was a success!! As a group we were super organised and excited and ready to share our concept and guests with the public and our peers. Aside from the minor emergency evactuation interruption in the middle of it,  I feel like it went really well and everyone would have walked out at the end knowing more about the TV industry than they did when they walked in. That was the goal anyway.

So I was excited that my backdrop idea was being used, Bec created it and it looked awesome. I also came up with he idea to have the theme songs playing whilst we ushered the audience in, just to add to the feel of the atmosphere that we were going for. I think this worked well! I put together the playlist and created the interactive theme song game for the audience, which I think was successful also in getting people to pay attention and physically participate in our seminar.

Now onto the set – I worked closely with Tiffany and Bec and together we sourced all of the props and things we needed to make the stage look the way we imagined it to from the first brainstorming session. Tiff was really great and brought along a bunch of old TV’s, and we created the mini ‘dining table’ out of said TV’s and a sheet of glass. We wanted the setting to look authentic and creative and I was honestly really happy and proud when we set it up and it looked so close to what we first imagined it to. The Chairs for the guests and our host were sourced from the RMITV studios, we originally wanted it to be a couch to add to the whole ‘living room’ effect, but I feel as though the chairs were super fitting and gave the guests their own platform and space.

Overall I am so happy with how it all turned out, our guests were amazing and insightful and it all kind of came together cohesively and naturally. The TV team were all great to work with and I feel as though my ideas were utilised and my own personal input definitely helped put everything together.

I had fun and I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the seminar!


It’s week 6 and our TV seminar; ‘A Remote Journey’ is on Friday! I’m actually really excited for it, I feel like our group is super organised and has worked really well together over the past few weeks getting guests together, creating the format, script and coming up with the overall setting and staging. Tiffany, Bec and I have been working hard on the set design and catering. The main concept for our set was decided upon 2 weeks ago and I’m excited to create it and make it come to life on Friday.

My idea for a backdrop of an open window is being used – The open window is to create the feeling that we are in a lounge room! If we set i tup right on Friday i think it has the potential to look really awesome and create the atmosphere we are aiming for.

Media 6 – Week 4

So this week we worked quite well as a team and some big decisions regarding our seminar were discussed in a big group meeting. The format of our seminar, organisation of food, and most importantly guests, were some of the things discussed.

On my on personal end, I worked with Bec and Tiffany in the first stages of set design and props. We discussed the concept of making our stage area look like a suburban living room, where our panel of guests would be seated in font of a window, looking out to the audience as if the audience were a tv screen that they were watching. We all really liked this idea and began trying to think of particular props and things that we could use to create this kind of atmosphere.

Still working on it, but hopefully it turns out pretty great!!


Week 3 – Media 6


S0, for this semester I am in the TV seminar group amongst the Epic Journey seminar series. This week we have begun a Facebook group and been discussing many options for our ‘Remote Journey’ seminar. The particular roles available to us have been talked of and we are in the process of splitting up what needs to be done, both in the pre production phase and the production of the day.

I have put my name down to be a part of the Marketing and/or Props design and decoration crews. I have also expressed my interest in being part of the video crew for the day of our seminar.

That is all the progress I have for you right now!!

Yay media 6!