Just take a look at this video for a moment:

This weeks symposium is one I really took something away from . Following on from the symposium my friend Kelsey and I did some research on the idea that schools are like factories and we both stumbled across a talk from a man named Ken Rogers. One of his most striking points is that the present system of education was developed for a different time. In other words, it was conceived in the intellectual culture of enlightenment and the economic circumstance of the industrial revolution.

One of the points that interested me was that he believes schools are organised on factory lines. This meaning that there are separate facilities, subjects and ringing bells. Something also to note which we don’t tend to notice or criticse is we educate people in batches based on birth. Now surely we all know that we develop differently and therefore this whole process which we as a civilisation have continued with may not be the most efficient or effective way to educate ourselves and our children. Rogers notes that different kids have different abilities, talents and struggles. Ken Rogers opposes this current system of ‘standardisation’ and believes we as a society and educators should be going in the complete opposite direction.