It was time to dust off the old IT Applications Unit 3 &4 text book this week as we delved into the world of html code. After a whole year of web design in year 12 and being relatively familiar with html code, it was still very interesting to get an additional insight and lesson into HTML. It’s interesting how quickly we tend to forget these sort of things and it took me a little while to get back in the swing of things.

After mainly using Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks in year 12, it was a nice contrast to be introduced to programs such as Text Wrangler and Fetch to upload our very own html sites.

Jason went through the basics of html code and made sure we were all on the same page in doing so. From someone who feels comfortable with html code I still was able to take away a couple of things from the workshop. I learnt that in order to be successful in html coding, I need to take my time more. I remembered a lesson I learnt in year 12, where I lost marks in a SAC for rushing things and consequently screwing up the code. Additionally, although a basic skill, it was great to learn how to hyperlink an image to linked webpage.

All in all, a productive lesson!