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Month: July 2014

Post Splendour Depression

Struggling to get back into the swing of things following an amazing weekend at the annual Splendour in the Grass Music Festival. The atmosphere was electric in Byron Bay with many uni students and older rockers all uniting to a common cause – the love of live music. Here is one of my favourite flicks from the day. Splendour in the Grass

And We’re Away!

Hi guys! It’s begun! We’re up and racing. Can’t wait to get stuck into this blog and hope you guys enjoy reading my posts! This will be a fantastic opportunity to share some of my thoughts and ideas with anyone and everyone. I will be writing posts relative to my course in the media and communications subject Network Media. Additionally, I may add a few posts on my passion which is footy, specifically media hot topics.

Getting started with the blog


Today got stuck into the whole wide world of blogging. I’ve been a keen blogger before on topics of particular interests such as AFL and sport in general. However, I feel this is a great way to express course ideas and regurgitate content to look at over the course of the semester.

We went over the real basics such as learning to log in, as well as become familiar with things such as the URL. Additionally we also reminded ourselves how to post blog entries. These were all fairly self-explanatory skills, which I found straight forward.


Furthermore, we learnt to set default commands such as filtering spam, setting the time zone, learning to change the set email and password and controlling comment settings. In terms of appearance, I changed the template and appearance of my blog. I now have a visually appealing header, easy to read font and a nice template structure

Although a fairly straight forward and easy going first class, it was good to get it all set up and have it ready to go.


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