Media Seminar – It’s Over!

It happened! On Friday all of our efforts over the last six weeks came together in what was overall a really incredible (and stressful) event!

After a week of baking and stressing over the potential of running out of food, I lugged everything into uni on Friday morning. With a variety of gluten free and vegan friendly treats all I could do was pray that we weren’t going to run out of food.

At our meeting with Shelley at 11, we ran over the last minute details and for that afternoon. With a briefing on how to check that the microphones in the lecture room were going to charged, I also had a couple of other bits and pieces to do during the day.

We were blessed with some beautiful weather on the day which boosted everyones spirits and at 2:30 we sprung into action to pick up all of our equipment. With Mollie, Matt, Karen Prani and Maddie we went over to Building 5 to pick up the chairs, coffee tables, city scapes and plants. With a bit of help from the ever present steering committee (mainly my main gal pal Georgia Symes) we got it over to Building 80.

The next half an hour or so is a bit of a stressful blur but just after 4 we were ready to go and started letting everyone in. I was so pleasantly surprised we had a diverse group of people coming, not just the people from our course! It was nice to have other people there supporting us!

The seminar went really well, and we had such an amazing response from everyone, which was really encouraging. Everyone complimented my baking, which is always a plus, and someone even tweeted in asking about my playlist, which was lovely! The guests were all so amazing and gave some really great advice and despite all of the stress beforehand I still managed to really enjoy the seminar itself.

Overall I’ve had such a postive experience in organising the Women In Media seminar. Despite how daunting the task seemed before hand, we really came together as a group to put on an incredible seminar. Massive thank you to Shelley, our ever helpful tutor, the Steering Committee, and of course our wonderful group leader Mollie – it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without you!


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