Media Seminar Update – Mid Semester Break

Over the mid semester break I met with Mollie and Matt to finish the promo video – which is looking amazing! We also cut three short 15 second videos for Instagram/Facebook. These will act as teasers for our full video, which will be released the Monday of our seminar week.

We also put some of our posters around Building 9, which are looking great! So happy with the way they turned out.

The playlist is now finished! I have chosen a selection of “classic” and modern songs all about female empowerment, and I thin intermixing the two will be really great. We have also included Jona Vark by Gypsy and the Cat, as it ties in closely with our seminar name.

Catering is getting there, I have purchased all of the lollies, as well as some pink plastic cups and plates. Next week I will purchase all of the things I need for baking and will have a big baking day which I’m hoping will all go well. My biggest concern with that at the moment will be how I carry it all into school. Will hopefully sort that out next week.

In terms of stage production, I am getting nervous about when/how we are going to set up all of our complicated lights and set. I have full faith in Sam that we will be able to pull this off though! I have also volunteered to man one of the three cameras for our seminar, which I think will be a good way for me to stay focused during our seminar.

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