Media Seminar Update – Week 6

This week we made some great progress with organising our seminar – two weeks to go!

Friday morning we shot and began editing our promo video – featuring our amazing host Prani. This will be finalised early next week. The plan is to have a complete 1 minute video (ish) as well as a few 15 second teaser videos to be released over the next week.

As well as helping out on this, I also have volunteered to create a Spotify playlist. This playlist will mostly be used when everyone is arriving, as well as during our break. That playlist can be found here:

In terms of catering, the plan thus far is to make three batches of chocolate chip cookies – one vegan, one gluten free and one ‘normal’. I am going to decorate these with pink icing of the womens symbol (♀). As well as this, we are going to provide pink plastic cups full of pink lollies! The steering committee provides a urn for us, as well as tea and coffee, but we are also going to bring big 2 litre bottles of water and strawberry big m. Having all pink/white snacks will look incredibly effective and earn us some brownie points!

After the last two seminars we have decided that the best place to put our snacks etc is on the seats to the left of the lecture room. We are also going to make brochures and put them on this table.

Very thankful we have an extra week because of the mid semester break – we are planning on meeting next week to put our amazing posters up and finish the video.

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