Thoughts On the Second ‘Un-Lecture’

In response to the second Un-Lecture of this networked media season, I thought that the concept of a symposium was a good one, however it could be used in a furthermore interactive way.

I like the idea of us being able to ask questions but perhaps being put on the spot and forced to think of one makes it difficult for the creative juices to flow! I would prefer if we started off with one question or topic and then asked our questions as they came to us.. I would also love to see some more discussion between the tutors and Adrian.

As Adrian has said, nobody can know everything, and of course everybody may have a different opinion on each topic we discuss and for that reason I would like the un-lectures to involve more input from other tutors, and perhaps more opportunity for questions amongst the masses.I think that in achieving this the course lecture attendance will have a much higher success rate than perhaps it has in previous years.


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