More Symposium Take Aways

David D on the Facebook hack, Kevin Bacon, why not become a hub, and that you need to do it. (Related to that thanks to Boglarka for this gem.) Denham on the Facebook hack, making, and the new world order. Boglarka concerned about sitting in a sea of media signals. Ditte using Castells (one of the key writers on the internet as an information economy come technological ecology) to think about technical come cultural determinism. Kevin on, well, Kevin, Facebook, and listening to your writing talking back to you. Lauren wants to keep technology under control. Jackie on creative freedom (I think creativity is defined and enabled by constraint, not the other way round, and while the sic-fi example might not have worked the question I think is who can you make something that is outside of ‘codes’?) Louisa has long bullet point list. Danielle has a good culled set of observations. Rebecca on whether technology controls or not (I don’t think it is about control, control assumes direction, a centre and decision, the view being described is that there isn’t a direction, or a centre, and that lots of technologies arrive that don’t yet have a purpose – cars being my example (but you could easily add the Xerox, the telephone, and the typewriter), so if they aren’t thought to be needed then why or how do they come to be?).