What I want from this Semester – Film/TV1

I suppose like most, I want to learn  a lot more about the technical aspect of the filming industry. Since I’m the last person on earth you’d want to run to in a technical emergency. I have absolutely no interests in handling technology and also find it quite a lot of hassle. So hopefully, learning the importance and roles of the different equipment can help me to achieve understanding and make me learn to love handling the technical aspect of filming. I also hope to be a better scriptwriter and editor, since I’ve done broadcast media before and editing media text, I’ve done a bit of editing on final pro x and learnt that it takes a lot of patience and time to beautify the film. Each aspect of filming plays a huge an important roles individually and one can’t do without the other. I would hope that in time through this course, I aquire the skills, patience and knowledge one takes to make a film.

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