Jasmine’s lecture on Screenwriting

In Jasmine’s lecture on scriptwriting, she wrote that scripts are not spose to be borring, they are meant to excite and convey a tonnes of emotions. She also wrote that, because of that it meant that there should be “No wallflowers, No introverts or No nice guys.” I understand that maybe a typical plot is to have an issue or a problem and maybe some exciting line up in trying to get the issue sorted. But personally, aside from all these mainstream action packed movies filled with suspense I actually do like the wallflowers, I like the introverts, I understand that these characters tend to keep emotions and feelings inside of them but I feel that, its because they are so vulnerable and so closed up and many can actually relate to that sort of silence. Sometimes, silence is gold or maybe it conveys this certain understanding to the audience and we as the audience are able to relate to the character deeper and in a more emotional way. Like I mentioned, this is just an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and also experiences, but for me I would fall in love with a character that’s a wallflower more than I can with any superhero movie or someone that saves the world.

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