The Camera – Week 2

The two points that I’ve picked out from the reading is  both from the chapter Safety on the sets – I would like to cover on “Accidents” and Creating a Hazard. Why i chose these two topic is because I feel that safety on sets are often not priority when It should be of utmost priority. Especially when not in a professional set like student productions we need to be educated to take precautions when filming.

In the reading, it wrote that: “Most accidents happen from Slack Concentration. Where most accidents happen because we tend to leave our personnel safety awareness on auto pilot allowing our sense and past painful experiences to remind us but this is usually at the last moment too late. ”

That, I find so true. Anything can happen while filming, even if it’s a cut from a knife while cutting an apple in a scene or slipping on a slippery fall. Precations MUST be taken to prevent these from happening. We need to learn to trust our judgments and  use all our senses.

Another point is creating a hazard.  Small things like even production cables and gear placements can cause the entire scene to be a hazard. We also have to keep in mind those who are building the sets for the film and ensure that work safety is being taught to them and that they are being supervised at all times to ensure utmost precaution and safety. We need to remember that prevention is always definitely better than cure.

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