Rolling – Week 2

To be honest, I did not see the title of the film that was shown and there were 2 films being shown. I’m going to assume that the first one that I was shown is the one that is titled “Rolling”. So, I think that the casting for the film was good, the actor had very good expressions and knew when to smile, pause and even jump in at certain scenes. He portrayed his character well and did it very naturally. I felt that the sound quality of the clip was really bad, from what I could recall it had very echos and it is not done properly I could hear buzzing in the background. Maybe doing a voice over might have been a better option. The choice of location was good, it fits in with the story line and also the setting. I felt that the production setting of the toilet rolls and placing of the scene was great! The toilet rolls placed at the start gives audiences an idea no clue about how he ended up with so many toilet rolls and the production team did a great job leading up the story to the scene and it made sense in the end. Aside from the sound, there were a few scenes where the white balance is not balanced out properly. There was a little bit of discolouration is certain scenes however, aside from that all is good. I think the team did well for a short school production with limited budget.

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