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Blogging is not something that is new to me, I’ve been blogging since the age of 14 and have been using it as an online journal. I basically saw my blog as my diary, except that I’m typing my thoughts out rather than writing it down on paper. I stopped because I found myself slowly being unattached to the computer. I realized that there is so much that life could offer than to have my head stuck in front of my computer screen refreshing my facebook page or blog.


Starting networked media opened my perspective to blogging. I used to only blogging as a journal, or see blogging as a platform for me to earn money to advertisements and endorsements – but I never saw it as an opportunity to use my blog as a “portfolio” for my career in the coming future.


I guess I never took my blog seriously enough to have thought of that, but knowing that the use of my blog could help me in my career prospects was rather enlightening. It is now week 6, and I’ve been blogging quite a bit on different topics that I hope could inspire people who read my blog – in terms of critical thinking, thinking from a different perspective, or rather my perspective and basically keeping an open mind to the ideas and opinions that I blog about.


Personally, I do not like anything theoretical and technical. Give me technical terms and my brain shuts off. Theories like design fiction would never have made any sense to me. I went through my readings, I roughly got the hang of what it talks about, but It took blogging about it to make me really understand it better.


My blog post on design fiction and the symposium which I took part in, has no jargons in it. None whatsoever. Instead, I took my own personal understanding of what I processed through the readings and through the discussion in class and simplified it. And it was during a class discussion and conversation with my classmate Tim that I was told to have helped him understood the concept of design fiction better after he read my post on it.


That encouraged me to want to put up more quality and honest blog posts up for those reading my blog. I also posted up a couple of Search engine optimization because I see it as an opportunity for young people to start thinking about their futures and realize that it isn’t that hard to start a business. If a simple blog can help you earn a five figure salary a month, why not? I am blogging not just for myself but also the people who reads them. Just as how I am inspired when I read the blogs of others, I would like to inspire those to read mine.


I just hope that just because I am such an advocate on certain topics and have such strong beliefs on them, that my posts would not seem too biased. What I put out there are just mere information and something for those reading my blog to think about. Be it windows of opportunites that we can take our chance on or things going on around the world that maybe we could make a difference in.


Also, despite loving the blogging aspect of networked media, some days I find myself struggling to keep up with the blogs. Especially since the entire course is rushed and compacted into just a mere six weeks, I had to worry about my filming and radio interviews for broadcast media, tie it up with bloggings and the NIKI and not forgetting the chores that is yet to be done at home. I am exhausted and when I am burnt out it gets hard sometimes to think of inspiration to blog about. It became more of a want to “get over and done with it.” And head to bed straight because there is a 9am class the next day.


I do not like the fact that, whilst on one hand the course is encouraging us to blog creative yet good honest reflective work, we are burnt out and trying to juggle ten other things at one go on the other. Blogging should be something that is free-flowing and enjoyable. It is when we find something enjoyable that we do not see it as a chore sometimes and get our thoughts flowing better.


Nevertheless, I understand that it is still part of the course requirements but I feel that if it was not for the rush, I would have had time to put up better quality reflections and posts. The posts I’ve written up are there for a reason, I want it to be engaging, informative yet encourage my readers to reflect. I hope that my post provides insight to the people reading on my thoughts and also the person that I am. Especially since I am planning to use the blog in future interviews.


This blog is something that I plan to take away with me for the long run, I hope that in soon to come it will inspire many around the world reading it and that it will add value in the lives of others.


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