It’s not all rotten Apples for Generation Z

While there has been a lot of concern aroused about Generations Z’s dependency on digital technology and their lack of quality mediums, it’s not all rotten apples.


Although this is pretty horrifying….


 ‘A magazine is an iPad that does not work’

It may be rare these days to spot a book by a child’s side. At first sight, this seems seriously alarming. However, some odd 20 years ago, new literacy was coined around the emergence of the World Wide Web. Along with it came a new delivery of information and new learning means, of which are now in full force and are prevailing traditional methods.


Children and toddlers of today are riddled with technical gadgets and when children are using these devices, they are learning and at a hyper rate. What is presented on these online devices is often ‘hyperimmediated’ – containing literature, sounds, graphics, symbols and the list goes on. Essentially online devises contain a heap of frenzied media – giving users the opportunity to absorb an assortment of information at once.


And you know what? World wide literacy is at an all time high. When kids are Facebook-ing, instant messaging, sending SMS’ and Googling they are writing and reading, relentlessly.


Although it is expected that the following generation will experience social difficulties due to their lack of first hand communication along with the saturation of technology they’ll encounter throughout their whole lives, these kids will grow-up amidst extreme amounts of information and literature that they are actively engaged with… all the time.


It mightn’t be so bad yet.