Television Segment – Timmy’s Summer Bites

Timmy’s Summer Bites is a television segment that was devised by myself and a three other RMIT students. As per the course criteria, our group was required to mirror a conventional television program as well as base our show around the theme summer. In doing so, we created ‘Timmy’s Summer Bites’, imaging our chosen host program ‘Coxy’s Big Break‘.



Timmy’s Summer Bites is a television segment that captures the public appeal and popularity of food trucks in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, particularly over summer. Featuring ‘Johnny’, the owner of the thriving food van called ‘Dude Food Man’, the show explores the allure of operating a business out of a mobile van. With an up-beat, summer vibe, the show’s host, Timmy, speaks with the locals to find out what is so attractive about food vans in what has become a trendy event amidst Melbourne’s food culture.


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Timmy’s Summer Bites