Analysis/ Reflection – Blow Up

In Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film, ‘Blow Up’, the director would have had to coordinate the extensive movement and blocking of the actors within the set in conjunction with the camera movement, focus and framing as well as considering what it suggests to the audience. The most striking shot when considers the director’s abilities within the excerpt shown, was when the male actor lunged for the telephone. Extensive coordination and planning between the actor and the cameraperson would have had to be done.  The camera almost foreshadows the actor’s movement – with the camera quickly dashing across screen before the man lunges for the phone. Additionally, in the shot prior, the camera frames the male actor on the couch and shows the other seat before the female actor moves to sit next the male. The suggestive camerawork along with the actor’s movements implies that the process has been arranged by the director to imply such things. Another striking scene, that shows much expertise is when the female actor moves back and forth across the set. The camera pans with her movement however it gains focus on the male then back to the female whilst zooming in and out. I must say that the coordination of movement with the actors within the set along with the thorough camera technique is highly impressive on Antonino part.