Analysis/ reflection 4 – filming Lenny

Filming the Lenny in such a short time frame proved to be quite challenging. Although we took correct preparations in scouting a nearby location, sourcing actors, blocking and discussing shooting ideas, the filming didn’t seem to run as fluidly as we would of liked. However, it allowed us to become familiar with equipment and the overall production process. A problem that we came across on the day was that the memory card was full when we went to shoot. This meant that I spent ten minutes deleting files, which lowered our already minimal filming time. In future I will definitely check that there is space on the memory card. Another thing that I found interesting on the day was applying the ‘shoot to edit’ technique. Although our time was quite limited, our team experimented with various shots, locations, sound techniques etc.… which proved worthy when we came to the editing process.

To watch how Lenny turned out, click here.