First Interview today. I was really excited! And really proud of myself! After weeks of planning, weeks of calls and texts and emails, we had all our interviews set up and ready to go, and by next Monday we’d be in the stages of finishing editing. Finally things are being made and it feels like all the work we’ve put in is finally becoming something real.

Our first interview is with Jess Junor, the general manager of RMITV and we’re going to be interviewing her straight after todays session and in the booths on the bottom floor of Building 9. Alex, Eliza and I decided to spend the whole day together in order to get ready for all the interviews that we had this week. We met at 9am in the Atelier space and didn’t leave until 12.30pm when we needed to be in class. We went over in detail, what we were doing, how we were going to do, who was in charge of the equipment, who would be conducting interviews etc. We also had a closer look at all our interview questions. For the first time in the course of this project brief, I feel ready and focussed. The finish line is insight, and we’re going to end this race with a bang!

It was good to get some down time in the workshop to get our head away from our own work and listen to how everyone else is presenting their work. I think everyone is so creative and I wish I could think as creatively as them and not be such a straightforward thinker. Some groups ideas are a little to creative however and totally miss the point of the task, in my opinion, and are steering away from their topics. But we’ll see how they come out in the end.

The group that are looking at Mediums is by far my favourite. They all know what they’re doing and they work SO well together. They’re going to come up with the best Project Brief.

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