Okay, so a bit unrelated again. But I watched one of the greatest ‘stand-up’ films ever made. As you may have already guessed from previous posts that I’m really into stand up comedy. Well, I tend to download the stand up performances that comedians make into films.

So I found Scott Dooley’s. He’s a rather attractive 32 year old comic from Sydney and he used to work on tripleJ as a presenter. He’s a household name…at least in my household. Anyway, his film was more a documentary than anything on his first time performing a live stand up show. He accompanied footage of time on the road and seamlessly edited together with awesomely angled shots (that were vignetted) of him on stage performing. I’d never seen a stand up film like it. I thought it was creative and insightful. I was very impressed.

Upon doing further research I found out that Dooley received a stellar rating for his show at Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2o14 – this is the one he made his film after.

I really like how someone like Scott Dooley explores through different mediums and forms of the media and broadcasts himself in different ways. As an artist he doesn’t seem to stop adapting and I think that’s very important. Dooley has really impressed me. I hope as an aspiring filmmaker, and as a general human being, I also never stop adapting and learning new things and exploring the media in different ways so that my point is never lost and always heard.

Here is a trailer for Dooley’s film. I recommend a watch.

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